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Worktops For Kitchens

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Worktops For Kitchens

The question of what kind of worktops for kitchens are available is a big one and not everyone supplies correct answers to this. The reason is most of the time, we only take into account the appearance, disregarding durability or cost of maintenance. For this reason, most people just set aside a part of the budget for the adornment of the kitchen. Sometimes, it is not always the expensive worktops that give your kitchen that modern look.

Kitchen worktops contribute over 80% to the outward appearance of your kitchen. This means that you should not just consider short-term elegance, but also plan for the long-term too. Before making a final decision, on the kind of worktop that would be best for your kitchen, you might want to take into account the cost of purchasing such a worktop, the existing design of your kitchen, your kitchen activity, the image you want to portray to visitors and admirers as well as how long you plan on using that worktop.

The best worktops for kitchens must satisfy a few criteria in order to avoid future regrets.


In other words, how long do you plan on using that worktop? Not all kitchen worktops have a long lifespan. Also, not all kitchen worktops still retain their elegance after months or years of use. Granite worktops are known for their durability and resistance. Although they can be one of the more expensive kitchen worktops, their resistance to heat and scratches makes them last longer. They also have sealants applied to them which offers protection from other external conditions. Laminate worktops on the other hand wear out easily and this only causes you to change it frequently.


Your budget largely determines how you handle this factor. If what you are after is an expensive kitchen worktop that speaks highly of you and your social class, then go for it. Sometimes, the most expensive accessories are of higher quality than cheaper ones but this does not hold for all items. The cost can still be controlled wisely by the choice of standard colours and the reduction of fabrication processes.

Overall home design

Using a kitchen worktop with a design entirely different from your overall home design would only give your kitchen an awkward appearance. This is just like using a granite kitchen worktop in a cabin. In this case, a wooden worktop would work best, but could be of a different shade of brown to the other parts of the kitchen of the finish may simply have clashing wood grains.


For some worktops, once they are installed, removing or readjusting them later would be almost impossible. One example of such is the slab type of the granite kitchen worktops. Corian worktops can easily be removed and renewed which gives it a moderate demand as well but this is at the expensive of a more costly worktop option and a material that is more prone to scratching and damage.


Sometimes, continuous maintenance can incur more costs than you think. A granite kitchen worktop only requires little maintenance like continuous cleaning and sealing and this is only done a few times a year without changing the worktop. A laminate worktop which wears out easily would have to be changed in perpetuity to compete with granites longevity. With respect to short-term cost, the laminate worktop offers an option that is more economical, but taking long-term maintenance cost into consideration, is it worth the expense?

The type of worktop you decide to use should not make you have future regrets. Choose your kitchen worktop by taking these factors into account and you will get the best worktops for kitchens.

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