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Quotes, Enquiries and Orders FAQ

How do I get a quote?

The whole system is designed for speed of use and accuracy. Initially use our Online Quote tool. Choose your worktop material, enter details for size, cutting and finishing, then see your instant quote on-line. It couldn't be quicker or easier! If you prefer you can fax your kitchen plan with your contact details and we will be happy to provide a quote for you.

How do I place an order?

If you are happy with the online quote enter your contact details and click the 'Submit Enquiry' button. Once we receive your enquiry we will contact you to confirm the details and if you are happy with everything to continue the process.

Why can't I just order online?

Kitchen worktops are not your average commodity item, changing things after a production order has been issued can be expensive and time consuming. We want to ensure, as much as is possible, that your order is going to be fulfilled without problem and we do this by talking - it might be old fashioned but it works :)

When can I see the actual granite samples?

Our templating teams carry the full sample range with them. Please let us know in advance what samples you would like to see so that we can ensure the templating teams have these samples with them. Owing to the vast range that we offer the templating teams do not carry every sample with them hence our suggestion you notify us in advance so as to avoid disappointment.

What area do you cover?

We operate nationwide throughout mainland UK.

When do I Pay?

We are a service based company and it is very important to us to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the quality of the goods and services that we provide. As such we ask homeowners for a 50% payment of the agreed total at the templating visit with the balance payable when your worktops have been delivered and installed. to your satisfaction.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept bank transfers, bankers draft or cash. Please note that balances due on installation day can only be paid by bankers draft or cash.

How accurate is the Online Quote?

The price calculated using the online quote is as accurate as the worktop details provided. The price will only change if the worktop details or your requirements change. If the installation entails extra work or manpower there may be extra charges but these situations can usually be identified at the templating stage and all arrangements will be subject to negotiation.

How long before my worktops are fitted?

We normally deliver and fit granite worktops within 2 - 3 weeks after templating.

Can I place an order on a supply only basis?

This is possible but certain factors need to be taken into consideration before you elect to go via this route. Firstly you will require suitable transportation that offers access to large pieces of stone and can carry the weight of the worktops. It is standard for a typical installation to be around 400 kilos. You would also require an A frame to secure the worktops too and have a body of people to lift and carry all of the pieces of worktop you require in a safe and secure manner. Once a piece of stone is lifted up we no longer any liability in relation to it. If you damage it whilst taking it to your vehicle, during transportation or installation the responsibility for this will have passed onto you. We would suggest for the above reasons the perceived cost savings are eradicated but, as always, the choice rests with the customer. Small pieces of stone we would have more confidence in your competence to transport and install yourself as these will generally fit into a regular vehicle and are more easier to manhandle to their suitable location.

Can you make the relevant adjustments to my furniture?

We do not get involved with any building works sop the area must be ready for us prior to the templating visit.

Can you install stairs using stone?

We will happily install the treads and risers to a staircase. The actual staircase will need to be created by others for us to clad the stone material to it. Owing to the potential vast weight involved you will require the services of a structural engineeer to determine the specification your builders will need to work to be able to support the immense weight involved.

Will you make a supporting structure for my heavy sink?

This should be carried out by your choice of builders prior totemplating. Supports of this type should be securely fastened and be able to take the weight in question.

Can I buy stone from elsewhere for you to fabricate?

This is not a service we provide.

Will you help me on the choice of colour?

Our staff are always to get involved with your project and advise in this regard. Over the years we have worked with many home and business owners like yourself and our telesales representatives are been trained professionals who will do all they can to assist you. We would suggest a good starting point would be our resource centre and our worktop galleries contained hundreds of images that will fill you with inspiration and ideas. Supported by our trained sales representatives we will give you all the help you need.

After my worktops have been installed do I need to wait before I can put them to use?

The worktops can immediately be used. The sink will be affixed using an adhesive. This is best left overnight before use so as to ensure a firm seal have taken place.

Do you accept credit or debit cards?

Yes with the exception of American Express and Delat/Electron cards. Cards will be subject to a 3% transaction value fee as levied upon us by our bankers.

Will the final price be equal to that of the esitmate?

This is dependent upon the accuracy of the information you provide. The greater the accuracy the information provided the more accurately it will reflect the final price for our works.

What do you require to give me a quotation?

The easiest method is to simply use our online quotation tool which will give you a quotation sum in minutes. Alternatively, ideally a plan to scale with top view which should include all of the dimensions, ideally in millimetres (mm). Your details would also be required such as name, county telephone and email contact details along with your preferred choice of stone. From this we will be able to generate your quotation. You can email this information to us or fax it.

If I choose not to use your online quotation tool how long will I have to wait for my quotation?

Quotations are free and are available directly from out online quotation tool or manually. We endeavour to turn around quotations within 24 hours from the time of the request. If you request does not contain all of the information we require as stated above will not undertake the quotation until we are in receipt of the information requested. We will generally submit to you your quotation via email. If this option is not available via fax or post but this will result in delays. We would suggest as a starting point you use our online quotation tool whose accuracy is as competent as the data it is provided with.

What are your payment terms?

Upon templating we will require payment of 50% of the confirmed quotation sum. The remaining balance will be due to be paid at the time of installation. Completion sum balances must be in cleared funds. This means cash, bankers draft or card. Alternatively confirmed payment directly into our bank account via bacs or telegraphic transfer. If you elect the direct payment route we will need confirmation from our bank that we have received these funds before your goods will be loaded into our installation teams delivery vehicles. In the case of supply only orders 100% payment is required before commencement of fabrication.

Is templating and installation included within the quotation sum?

Yes. If you require a supply only quotation please advise at the time of your quotation request.



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